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Quick Install

Kannika Armory is a Kubernetes-native backup and restore solution for streaming data sources. Currently, only Kafka is supported, but many more integrations are planned.

To install Kannika Armory, follow the steps below. For all requirements, see Requirements.

Step 1: Install the CRDs

Install the CRDs to your Kubernetes cluster using kubectl.

Terminal window
$ kubectl apply -f

Step 2: Install your license

Install your license to your Kubernetes cluster using kubectl. Replace <YOUR_LICENSE_FILE> with the path to your license file.

Terminal window
$ kubectl create secret generic kannika-license \ \
--namespace kannika-system \

Step 3: Install the Helm chart

Install the Helm chart using Helm 3.

Terminal window
$ helm install kannika oci:// \
--namespace kannika-system \
--create-namespace \
--version 0.6.2

This will install all required components to your Kubernetes cluster.

Step 4: Protect your data

You’re all set up! Head over to Creating your first backup to secure your Kafka data.

Supported platforms

Kannika Armory currently supports all platforms that provide a Kafka API, including:

  • Apache Kafka
  • Confluent Kafka
  • Redpanda